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Dates for the showing:  3/6/18 - 4/17/18
Date of the opening / reception:  Saturday, 3/17 4PM-6PM
Name of the Exhibit: Abstract Landscape Of West Texas

Artist Statement / About the Artist: The landscape around Lubbock, Texas where I grew up, played a great part in my passion for Abstract Art - the openness and flatness there.  The surrounds look like a lot of nothing - desolate Monochromatic - but when you stop to take in the details, you see depth and subtle variations in color.  I find Geometry of the imperfect rentable to be my primary consideration in my work, perhaps because it reminds me of West Texas flatness and self-containment of life there.  I like to use many colors.  The different colors form harmonies and melodies that resonate off the canvas and reverberate in the mind and heart of the viewer.  Its like visual music.  I just want a person to be emotionally connected to his or her own way.

Ronnie Queenan

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