art tKam's features the work of local artists on its walls on a rotating basis. The art is changed every several weeks, and a broad range of media and subject matter is presented. An opening reception is held for each artist so the local community can meet the artist and see his or her work. Announcements of the openings are posted on this website and sent by email. If you would like to receive these announcements, please add your name to our email list by joining our mailing club.




Artist's Name: Veronica Dyer
Dates for the showing:  7/10/18 - 8/21/18
Date of the opening / reception:  July 14. 4-6 PM
Name of the Exhibit: “Updated Materials”

Artist Statement / About the Artist:  I inherited my love for art. For many generations, brushes and paints have played an important part in my family surroundings. Painting is an expression and my abstract works are born of total freedom. My content emerges without any special effort.

My artwork is built in consecutive layers. Much like the evolution of the human condition, one step precedes the next with each step altering the previous until an end is achieved, however temporal that end might be.

It is the constant progression of a piece that excites me - the changes, the challenges, as well as the accidents. Seeing and feeling the canvas acquire its own life through this process brings me joy and fulfillment. My artwork is an expression of the intangible coming from all realms of my experience.

Facebook page: Veronica Dyer Art
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